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Life in deathWatch now (25 sec) | Yes, there is beauty and new life in destruction and decay

January 2023

Part I: Was today's Knossos fashioned from flights of fancy or rigorous archaeology?
I'm not talking a new watch or organizing your cutlery drawer

December 2022

It wasn't always that way.
How female protagonists and points of view are so formative to us as we grow...
Go down the rabbit hole with me.

November 2022

Does it drive you crazy too?
Sometimes we just let the pictures lead us to where our heart wants to go

October 2022

Poaching antiquities has a long tradition; little did I know someone in my own family tree was involved.

September 2022

Wind-swept and stern is she set in the sea, and, wave-beaten as she is, is fitter haunt for gulls than course for horses. The sea, rolling greatly round…

August 2022

Some high summer maintenance duties make a huge instant difference; others are simply long-term management